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A Little About Me

Lamar Crammer Babbling Brook Cottages Owner
The Stargazer Renovation Before and After

Hello I am Lamar the new owner of Babbling Brook Cottages.  


For more than two decades, I worked as a self-employed auto cosmetologist in New Jersey.  Details, details, details.  It was all in the details.  I was judged daily on my technical skills and my satisfied customer track record led me to work for many well-known car dealerships. 


I love knowledge and learning and can often be found scouring the internet for valuable information and little-known facts. I am often told I am the ultimate researcher and have become the “go to” when someone needs help.  In 2019, one of my online searches would lead to the opportunity of a lifetime.    Someone once said “you can find everything online” and they just might be right!  In July of 2020, in the midst of the corona virus pandemic – I purchased Babbling Brook Cottages and started a new career.  My fiancé, tells me “I’m living my own Hallmark Christmas Movie”. 

After 1000’s of hours of renovations and upgrades and help from friends and family (thank you!), the NEW Babbling Brook Cottages is taking shape.  My vision for Babbling Brook Cottages is to have my guests feel valued, to feel cared for, and to leave in a better state of mind than when they arrived. I want my guests to find peace and tranquility and I welcome the opportunity to help them make the most of their stay and enjoy the often overlooked “quiet side” of the Pocono Mountains. 

As for myself, I enjoy the simple things and appreciate the not so simple things.  I obsess over the little details and am passionate about people and the REALationships that can be formed.  I reside on the property and am the onsite host and cottage concierge, and look forward to sharing a little piece of the mountains with you. 

Please contact me if you have any questions, or just want to say hello. 


Hand Sander Wood Picnic Table
Father and Son
Babbling Brook Cottages 258 Silver Lake Road Dingmans Ferry

 My Handyman (my Dad)

  New logo and sign

Wood Deck Staining

  Refreshing the decks 

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